The reason why many people remain where they are in wealth is the lack of knowledge. Reaching your Financial Dreams is about gaining knowledge.


A millionaire who becomes bankrupt will become a millionaire once again. Wealth and achieving financial success is about 20% skills, techniques and strategies and 80% the Mindset.


The fear of losing money would be one of the biggest fears in the world. Fear comes from lack of certainty, and hence no action will be taken.


Growth comes from understanding your strengths, your needs and your weakness as well. Growth will only help you to attain a sense of satisfaction.


Do you want to get caught in the RUT, or you want to attain complete freedom? Imagine a day when you could actually get what you want because you are financially free?


  1. Create the Mindset of Millionaires
  2. Use the same psychology of the world’s best investors.
  3. Create Multiple Streams of Income more importantly Passive Income
  4. Manage your Cash Flow with utmost care
  5. Understand the Cash Flow strategies
  6. Powerfully allocate your assets according to your personal needs
  7. Learn, analyze and invest in the Stock Market
  8. Learn the 9 Steps to evaluate the worth of companies that you will be investing
  9. Powerful strategies to create more money using the power of internet
  10. Build and develop your Financial Dreams

Invest on Yourself

Learn and master the basics or the advanced techniques by investing on yourself. It is the perfect time for you to you invest on yourself and attain financial freedom

Make Money Work for you

The rich become richer because they make money work for them, rather than they work for money.

   Learn from the Experts Your Wealth Abundance Trainers

Vidya Shankar

Vidyashankar a peak performance trainer will share with you the secrets of Wealth Abundance. He has spent several years and ample funds to learn the strategies of specialists in their respective fields. As Vidyashankar says "The Success Pie is so huge that all of us can have a treat". He looks at making more and more millionaires around him. Vidyashankar has also created multiple streams of incomes for himself with powerful books, audio and video CDs and has been featured in all famous media.

Praveen Sherman

Praveen Sherman, a technologist with passion towards learning and training will help you acquire skills the easy way. Praveen believes "Do what you like doing and success will be always yours". He will disclose the mystery of people who make it big with passion, leveraging the power of technology. Praveen has trained several organizations, including CEOs, Managers and Executives. He is a specialist in Mentoring and Business Consulting.
Representation of Money


Ganesh Raja, Project Manager - EDS
I am really amazed by this program. The way the manuals are prepared, the way the events are done. I dont think the work don....

Mr.Raaja, Proprietor, Mahriviil Shipping Services
Now I know what is Money. I will be a millionaire shortly. Vidyashankar and Praveen have taken tremendous effort in sharing amazing strategies. I am sure to achieve my Financial Freedom. I truly agree this motto of OnlySuccess that says Being a millionaire is about the Mindset.

Mr.Nivas, Asst System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Serv
Wealth Abundance is beyond my expectations. We got in abundance. We will take consistent action and we will do whatever it takes to achieve success.

Mr.Ganesh Raja, Project Manager - EDS
I am really amazed by this program. The way the manuals are prepared, the way the events are done. I dont think the work done by OnlySuccess can be done even by Financial Experts and Financial Managers. I know people who have such knowledge will not share but these people have done its amazing. Now I know I can do a risk free investment.