Why The mentor:

Ensuring that the right support is in place for all children, regardless of class or social background individualistic approach has always been the preferred method for students struggling to achieve their potential in specific areas.

The mentor is a program crafted by the team of OnlySuccess in association with a professional organization of eminent Psychologists and the course has combined assessment, counselling and development-oriented solutions with modern technological interventions.

From facilitating right career choices to enhancing cognitive skills, academic skills and life skills The Mentor has a solution for all students.

Who can benefit from The Mentor

The Mentor - appropriate for the student who has been taught a skill, and subsequent efforts have failed to secure it and the barrier to learning is personal and particular to the Student. There is certainly a need to establish – whether the block is due to

  • A failure to grasp a concept,
  • A difficulty in transferring the concept into practice
  • Learning has faltered because an essential piece of prior knowledge was missing
  • A limiting belief.
It should most often take the form of coaching, counselling and learning consultancy. Much of the time should be spent discussing high value strategies which can be applied again and again in other contexts.


Examples of personal processes which can be mentored

  1. Deciding how to tackle a problem.
  2. Seeing how to break a task down which will help them to tolerate stress
  3. Generating ideas
  4. Organising ideas
  5. Identifying the main points
  6. Checking and self-correction strategies for studies
  7. Self awareness and Self confidence
  8. Articulating reasons and giving explanations.


Highly personalized Approach

Evidence of the impact on pupil learning in the Making Good Progress pilot suggests that Individualistic approach, when carefully planned, engages students in their learning in a way which is not always possible to achieve in the classroom.

The Mentor offers a highly personalised approach which can address their individual needs and gaps in their learning at a time when it is most needed. Highly tailored sessions are delivered by an experienced Mentor at a pace that is both appropriate to the child and provides a balance between challenge and support to help student feel secure in their learning.

Pupils who experience The Mentor say they feel 'special' and have the opportunity to engage in focused dialogue with the mentor, talking about their difficulties in a safe environment without the distraction of others.


Pre and Post Program Assessment

The success of one-to-one is increased when the mentoring builds on what the student already knows, and when it takes into account their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Pupils need to clearly understand what they need to improve, why they need to improve, how they have improved, what they can do as a result of the sessions that they couldn't do before and how tuition will support them back in the classroom.

For this reason, we employ online assessment pre assessment and post assessment on the various areas relevant for children of different age groups and the reports will be sent to parents.


Steps to support the planning and delivery of the Mentor


Mentors Profile

Mentors handpicked for program have strong personal & professional credibility, with a good experience of above five years in working with students, capable of offering support to any child in need. Our Mentors are able to challenge and hold to task; to develop rapport and create open and trusting relationships across many personality types. They are all qualified and benefit from coaching supervision.

Investment Details

list price: 3900 AED

launch price: 1450 AED