After almost a decade of creating mind blowing personal excellence training programs for children, adults, teachers, parents, executives here is a New Program Designed and Delevered by VIDYASHANKAR & PRAVEEN SHERMAN
Superbkids & Superbteens Mastery
Do children challenge themselves and carry a greater vision? While Superbkids & Superbteens is to mend them and tone towards their regular responsibilities, Superbkids & Superbteens Mastery as the word says is about Mastery over themselves. Mastery over the several aspects of life such as Studies, Relationship wit Parents, their Emotions, Habits and many more...
Training Topics in Superbkids & Superbteens Mastery
Who are Masters?
The habits and the behaviors of Masters in various areas and understand the key to their mastery and their leadership over that area of expertise they carry.

Reframing - Breaking the Negative Circle of Influence

Master the art of perceptions and how to change meaning that children attach to different situations that can happen at home, at school, with friends etc.

Art of Focus on the Goals - Eye of the Tiger Experience
One thing that makes the achievers what they are is their ability to have constant focus irrespective of their challenges. Eye of the Tiger Experience is an outdoor activity which will help children break their patterns of distractions and focus on their Goals.

Maintain Consistency and Competency
Children need to maintain the consistency on their Goals to help them produce the best results. Consistency in their lifestyle, their way of studying will help them to achieve peak performance.

Managing the Studies in the Right Way

While Study skills are learnt by children they need to understand to manage their studies in the right way. Leadership Mastery is ensuring that they manage their studies well.

Understanding Parents and Communicating Better
The gap between a parents communication and a child’s understanding greatly depends on the attitude of the child. Making them see the different picture of parents and managing relationships better will help them have a much happier life.
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