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The OnlySuccess Leadership Academy (OSLA), the brainchild of OnlySuccess Learning Technologies, Asia's leading training company, based in India with its presence also in Qatar, UAE, Malaysia and Singapore.

OnlySuccess is dedicated in offering best of the training programs in the areas of personal excellence and career excellence for school going students. These programs are designed to match the training requirements of educational institutions. Furthermore, the programs designed by OnlySuccess are also adapted by corporate houses and other adults.

OnlySuccess Leadership Academy is exclusively programmed to implant and improve the leadership qualities of students. It also aims at determining the development aspects of human life. Identifying and improving the right resources and capabilities of an individual sets the degree of achievement and brilliance. OnlySuccess Leadership Academy with structured training sessions helps individuals achieve excellence in all areas of life.


In a survey conducted by UNICEF, reported that 11% to 35% of adolescents have poor life skills. Nearly 40% found it stressful to cope with the academic pressure due to expectations of parents and teachers and a further 13% felt that their performance was inhibited by the pressure. More than half (53%) the adolescents perceived having large sums of money as a prerequisite for prestige, while 10% did not think having a good character as an attribute that contributed to prestige. This probably reflects changing attitudes in society. About 10% admitted to harassing their peers in school.

About 28% of school-going adolescents surveyed were not certain of their future goals, further 36% were having aims to become traditionally popular professionals such as doctors, engineers, accountants, etc.

Key issues troubling school going children:
Younger generation in school today has the maximum distractions | Peer pressure | Children are facing struggles and pressures that is creating stress and emotional imbalance | Lack of interpersonal communicative skills which is very important for them in their future career | Bright students migrating abroad or taking up the premium jobs | Average and below average students who are above 80% are the key group who turn into anti-social elements | While social networking and digital media have opened new opportunities, they also pose new risks, particularly for sexual and mental health.


Why do children need the below skills?

After discussing on the current requisites of your students, we source our understanding as a training partner for your school, We pledge to deliver you a solution for your students on the following training requirements:


While, study skills help children to perform better in their academics, life skills grooms them to become 'The Best' so that they can live 'The Best'.

Leadership skills are most prioritized skills in which the students are trained to ultimately utilize and enhance ones capacity. A leader is always considered the best among others. Children need leadership quality to be fit to take up challenges which enhances the selfesteem of the child resulting in a significant improvement and a consistent academic performance.

Effective leadership is based on a healthy set of attributes, behaviors and influences. A leader needs to have wide range of abilities and approaches to set and reach goals. Leaders are able to exceptional results and stay abreast of others and carve a niche for themselves on any challnges that confronts them. They are able to strike the right balance to the needs of the organization against personal needs.

Training Methodologies

We employ ground-breaking and influential methodologies in training children. The two innovative methods employed by OnlySuccess are Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Whole Brain Synchronization methods.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an incredibly powerful discipline that enables people to unblock the structures of human communication and human excellence. By doing so people can think, communicate and manage themselves, and others, more effectively.

NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behavior and emotion (programs). By studying and learning from these relationships people can effectively transform the way they traditionally think and act, adopting new, far more successful models of human excellence. (This activity is called modeling and is a key feature that distinguishes NLP from psychology).

In effect, NLP is a powerful change management tool that transforms the way people think and act to have the greatest impact both professionally and personally. That's why NLP is one of the most powerful skills used in business management, psychology, sales, sports coaching and all forms of personal development.

Value Added Services

Miracle Macker

Best teachers always possess the skills to bring out the best from themselves. Self discovery helps teachers go through a life time experience of self examination and questioning that will transform them into a better teacher.

Mind Map Hunt

Mind mapping is most powerful, whole brain way of making notes, which help students to map their understanding of the topic in question with pictures as it helps them to remember the topic well.

Memory Champ

Memory helps students to remember facts and figures on time and helps them to be successful in their examinations. Good news is mind is much like a muscle does work well when we exercise it, but just like weight lifting techniques makes all the difference.

Future Achievers

To work with children additionally in order to motivate, support and help the selected students from 9th std to improve their attitude towards studies and life, and the improvement to be quantified in terms of academic performance as well as attitude.




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