OnlySuccess Foundation
OnlySuccess Foundation is a complete non-profit organization run by OnlySuccess Learning Technologies. It is started with a passion and purpose to serve the needy. As OnlySuccess started to grow geologically and trained more people, it decided to fulfill the purpose of Making People Powerful by helping children, who are under privileged. OnlySuccess helps children who are deprived of basic amenities in life.

Apart from helping deprived children to lead a better life, OnlySuccess foundation also serves terminally ill patients, who do not have any hope for the future and suffer with pain by relieving them from pain. OnlySuccess Foundation also works for terminally ill patients, helping them lead a better life for the rest of the months of their survival. This organization is paving a way for the children, professionals, parents, business owners and home makers who care for the society to channelize their resources for the betterment of the world.
Our mission at the OnlySuccess foundation

OSF - One Step Forward, always!

OnlySuccess Foundation provides Educational Scholarship to needy children annually with the core objective of "Empowering Children". It is a gracious moment for OnlySuccess to provide Scholarship Fund to needy children every year. This scholarship consists of Rs. 1000 and a school kit worth Rs. 500.

Help the less privileged and giving them a better life
Provide higher education for needy
Making the People a better place to live
The fundamental challenge faced by people who are ready to invest their time and money for a social cause today is that they lack social knowledge. OnlySuccess foundation aims to create a powerful platform for people with a common mission of helping the underprivileged.

As a fraction of the above mission, we conduct many fund raising events, educate children and also conduct many awareness campaigns. Such activities helps in building common understanding, enhance excellence, enable people to improve their lives and reinforce their commitment to society.

We spread this amazing message that there are children of God, who need our help to live their life. This will provoke the need to help the society, nation and the world-wide human community. Every September OnlySuccess foundation conducts these events to mark our anniversary.
Focus Area
Education – Provide education for orphans
Awareness – Create massive awareness for society of social commitments
Terminally ill patients – Help Terminally ill patients to come of their existing illness
Empowerment – Help human realize their gift, that is life and how better they can lead a life
All donations in India are exempt from Income Tax under Sec 80 G.
Cheques can also be handed over/ sent to OnlySuccess Dubai or Kualalampur offices.
Join the noble cause and Make the World a Better Place to Live!