Which Sales Process Your Sales Force is Following?
Sales Process 1
Eliminate Doubts
Follow the steps to close
Sales Process 2
Open to Close
Develop to Close
Propose to Close
Eliminate Doubts to Close
At every step Focus on CLOSING
Sales Mastery is a uniquely designed specialized workshop for mastering Sales. Sales is not just about selling. A SALE IS ALL ABOUT CLOSING. This program is all about bringing the highest focus on CLOSING the sale.

OnlySuccess Corporate Competency Division has structured this program to benefit the Sales force of your organization. This powerful training program will encompass the best and effective skills of Neuro Linguistic Programming, the #1, Science of Business and Personal Excellence.

This training will help:
The Salesperson to perform his level best and complete the task keeping in mind the customer and his needs Develop the ability to be a business partner to the customer than being just a salesperson Develop a result-oriented and process driven approach towards better success

Course Design of Sales Mastery Program
The Sales Mastery training program covers 3 important areas of Salesmanship
  1. Sales Presentations and Prospecting
  2. The Sales Process
  3. 'Shut up and Sell' - The Ultimate methods of Closing
Sales Presentations and Prospecting
It is universally accepted that 80% of the entire business comes from only 20% of people. Most of the decisions that are made are emotional rather than being logical. Selling today is highly dependent on the relationship between the sales people and the prospects. In this session participants will learn specific strategies and NLP techniques which will help them understand their customer soon.
  1. Power of State- Choosing the right state for the presentation
  2. Planning your sales call and presentation - Identifying and understanding prospects
  3. The Right Attitude for a Salesman - Developing the attitude of "Mentality of Abundance"
  4. The Art and Science of questioning - Understanding other person's world
  5. Building instant rapport - Building instant relations to benefit the closing
The Sales Process
Most business will spend a major part of their energy and time in search of new clients and strive to retain existing demands. To focus on gaining the right sales process for dramatic improvements in the sales team is always critical to your success. From this program, Participants will learn
  1. Traditional Vs. OnlySuccess Sales Model - This unique model targets closing of the deal from the initial stages.
  2. Reframing - The best and most powerful tool to overcome challenges faced. Change the frame of reference and give new meaning to the challenges.
  3. Establishing a logical sales process - Benefits participants to understand their personal strengths and instructs how to use them
  4. Demo of your service/solution/product - The DO's and DONT's of a Demonstration
  5. Comparing with Competition - Tips and Tricks to Compare and surpass competition
  6. Value based selling - Understanding the value of your customers and helping them to meet their needs
  1. What closers do? - The right mentality for closing
  2. You know about your closing average? - Understanding Targets, Prospects, Customers and Sale values.
  3. Bag full of closes - Are you having 25 closes ready?
Individual Action Plan
Each participant evolves an individual action plan for implementation in his/her job on the basis of discussions in the workshop
  1. Greater sensitivity toward work force and client diversity
  2. Tools to influence an emotionally safe climate in the sales process
  3. Working with change
  4. Implementing a Win-Win Situation
Who should attend?
  1. Frontline Sales Team
  2. Sales Officers
  3. Middle Management
  4. Branch Heads
  5. Customer Relationship Executives
  6. Corporate Communication Managers
  7. Key Account Mangers
  8. Area Managers
  9. Regional Sales Managers
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