Most of the presentation programs focus on rudimentary skills that help with technical competence. However, most presenters have no fault in their technical abilities. What they typically fail to do is to create the energy in the room and speak so that others will want to listen. It boils down to how much Charisma they have. Learn how Charisma can be exuded through simple yet often ignored aspects in your presentations. This course shows you how to acquire the Charisma skills in an interactive environment.

What you really need in the world of presentations today is
  • Being able to say what you want to say without having to put your foot in your mouth
  • To get an audience to respond to you within the first few minutes
  • To be able to deliver with confidence instead of arrogance
  • Break your barriers of fear and mentality of "what others may think"
  • Speak out with a valuable opinions
This training will help:
  • Shifting your state to blend in with the audience and pace their experience
  • Shifting your audience through different states to solidify their learning
  • Develop audience rapport by using advanced communication patterns
  • Harnessing the power of your body language
  • Design powerful content that develops interest in the audience
  • Create the right first impression with your audience
  • Use a practical 4-step approach to quickly design a presentation
Course Design of Personal Effectiveness Training Self-Motivation and Breaking Through the Fear Barrier
The quality of any presentation is totally dependant on the STATE of the speaker. The desired feelings what a speaker should carry are confident, energetic, enthusiastic, creative etc.

Develop Interest in the Audience
It is highly important to build a strong rapport with the audience instantly.

Structuring the Presentation
Participants will learn the following ways of opening a talk, to prepare the flow and so on.

Utilize body language for maximum impact
Understanding the components of communication via Body Language, Tonality and Words their impact on presentation

Handling unusual situation & Use of Visual Aids
Instigating the brain and sending commands to the brain.

Mock Presentations with videography
Participants during the 2nd day of the program will be put through rigorous mock presentation sessions which will help them to practice and use all the techniques that they have already learnt and will be the platform to implement the same.

Who should attend?
All who wish to take their presentation to the next higher level possible
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