Positive people radiate success! Bosses want them to be a part of their team always. Employees would like to work harder for them. Customers and clients would like to do business with them. We easily get attracted to positive people in life. Our life is a game, played with a purpose to win. Only positive attitude helps in achieving what we want.

This course is intended in bringing the right mindset for employees for them to understand and get tuned into the environment in a much faster and more effective manner.

This training will help:
  • Carry a winner’s mindset
  • To prioritize their work and therefore improve turn around time
  • Increase efficiency with higher morale
  • Face challenges frontally
Course Design of Personal Effectiveness Training

Knowing Myself
A self-reveling session during which the participants understand where they are in their career and life. This is highly thought provoking session.

Power of State
Take charge of yourself to enhance productivity

Empowering State
Empowering State (Motivation, Happiness, Calmness, Joyfulness, and Inspiration etc.). Disempowering State (Stress, Anger, Laziness, Fear etc). Our performance is not just about our skills but primarily depends on the State.

Create Empowering Beliefs
What makes the difference in the quality of people's lives? It is the beliefs they carry. Understand the power of beliefs and see the difference in your performance and achievements. Break all negative beliefs that are stopping from achieving what you want and enjoy success in everyday life.

Stress and Stress Busters
How the events around us control our state? Understanding stress and ways in which one can take charge of their state.

Efficiency and Effectiveness / Time Management
Concept of Efficiency and Effectiveness. Powerful Time Management Concept helps in understanding Time Grid, Time Analysis Log, Time discipline, Time Management Personality Profile that implements Time Management.

Effective Communication Strategies & Assertiveness
Communication, a very important aspect of every individual’s life has been misunderstood as capability of using a particular language.The communication model of NLP gives peak performance for individuals. Assertiveness in Communication, Assertive Role Plays will be a part of this activity

Action Plan for Improving Personal Effectiveness
Develop High levels of Decision Making Skills
Participants are empowered with the strategies for effective decision making.

Who should attend?
Employees of various designations right from the entry level till the top management team.
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