Scenario 1: Is this sounding very familiar ?
Customer A
Lot of issues in the project. Examples: Delivery slippages, Not meeting certain key technical requirements, etc.
Customer understands the constraint. He feels it is part of any business and very supportive.
Customer B
Few challenges. Examples: Small issues in documentation format, Change in training dates etc.
Customer is unhappy. Threatens to cancel the order or writes email to the higher authority.
Does the above scenario sound very familiar? Many organizations face the same challenge and wonder why it is happening? Certain customers are very understanding when it comes to project execution while others are so stringent. What makes the difference? Project managers sometimes tend to blame customers that they are highly demanding.
Scenario 2: Is this sounding very familiar?
Team A
Highly motivated. They can very well understand that the company is doing its best to meet up the organizations objectives and will also take care of the employees.
They can very much appreciate the fact that only when they perform well, they will be rewarded and they have very little complaints about the organization’s policies and procedures.
Team B
To a greater extent the morale is low. The group always points the areas where the company has not supported them to be at their best.
The members complain about the working environment, organizational policies and procedures etc. They always give excuses and blame others for not achieving the results..
The members complain about the working environment, organizational policies and procedures etc. They always give excuses and blame others for not achieving the results.

When both the teams are working for the same company and in the same environment why do they have different attitude towards work?

Certain groups can very well understand the business objectives of the organization accordingly; they do their best to achieve the same. They also talk about where and how the organization is helping them to achieve their career and personal objectives.

But within your organization, the other team working in the same geography and the same department may have unlike attitude. What makes the difference?

Managing the Expectations
Is this all about MANAGING THE EXPECTATIONS of the customers or employees? Both the above scenarios totally depend on how the expectations of the customer/employees are being managed.

The manager, who can handle the expectations of the customers well, will be able to manage a smooth execution of the project though there are challenges on the way. They can isolate the trust and the relationship components separately from the project specific issues from the customer’s view.

Such managers, can also make employees understand that they need to give extreme modesty to achieve organization’s objectives. In this process, the organization will also do the best to take care of their welfare and career objectives.

What is Expectancy Management?
Expectancy Management Training is all about making the participants aware, and learn techniques for managing the expectations of the customers and employees so that they can master this art. Since this workshop is based on real world experiences, real reasons for project, team success and failure are discussed here with practical solutions.

Participants are taught specific powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to rapidly change their own methods and behaviors in making choices.

What EMT can do for your Organization?
  1. EMT will help the employees to show tangible improvements in the client relationship
  2. EMT will isolate the trust and the relationship components and project specific issues from customer’s point of view
  3. EMT will directly have an impact in bringing down the attrition rate by enhancing the morale of the employees
  4. EMT will be the most effective way to align the Organization and Employees
Course Design
Definition of EMT -What is Expectancy Management and the significance of the same through specific practical examples

NLP Communication Model:
Using the most powerful communication model, participants will learn the principals of Excellent Communication. This will empower them to take responsibility and provide the flexibility to communicate with various target groups (Customers, Superiors, Team members and Subordinates)

Art of Developing Instant Rapport:
Rapport is the process of entering another person’s world. This establishes trust and unquestionable acceptance of suggestions.

Representational System:
Participants will learn five major representation systems which can be used to experience the world. This will give them the skill to see the world from other person’s point of view.

One of the most powerful tool used by successful managers and leaders to change the frame of reference around an event to give a useful meaning.

Hierarchy of Ideas:
An effective customer interaction or employee management must include the flexibility to think and work on the company’s vision, values, strategic direction as well as manage the operations, logistics, cash flow, deadline commitments and sales. Effective expectancy management includes both ends of the hierarchy.

Useful Language Patterns:
A direct method to get a hold of others (customers and colleagues) is to do certain activities that often create tension and resistances. A powerful language pattern helps us to communicate and convince others the way they want to be convinced.

Communication Quality:
To take responsibility of ones own communication and improving the same for effective and improved results Team Effectiveness:The power of metaphors, Team dynamics.

Who should attend?
  1. Project Leaders / Managers
  2. Account Managers
  3. Business Analysts
  4. Project Coordinators
  5. Technical Architects
  6. Delivery Managers
  7. Senior Associates / Engineers
  8. Sales Managers
  9. Functional Consultants
  10. Pre-Sales Consultants
  11. Middle Managers who need to handle a team
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