The Challenge

Isn’t it true that all teachers do their best for their students? The intention behind the teacher’s action is to give the best to the students. But does the student understand this?

The Solution - The Miracle Maker

After training several thousands of students, parents and teachers from 40 different nationalities, OnlySuccess structures and delivers this world class, one of its kind teachers training program – MIRACLE MAKER.
This program will bring in maximum impact not only on the teacher’s teaching skills but also will empower teachers to positively transform the life of students.

Don't Think of a Blue Elephant

Don't think of a blue elephant What happens? You see the pictures of the Blue Elephant. Our minds are so fast and quick that it processes commands very quickly without being aware. As a Teacher, while communicating with the student it becomes a basic need to communicate more effectively.

Most common phrases of Teachers being “Don't day dream”, “Don't commit silly mistakes” to name a few. Though this is with the intention of making the students perfect, the mind does not operate the way teachers want to.

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Self Discovery

Irrespective of personal challenges and happening, the teachers always must be motivated to get the best out of students.
Self Discovery will help teachers understand their Emotions and gain control over their Beliefs.

Topics covered in this module include
Taking charge of emotions and thoughts
Gaining a winning set of beliefs
Mindset to never give up on a student
Capabilities to deal with stress, frustration and failures
Power to take action on time
Strategies to break useless habits and create powerful behaviors in self.
The urge to become a role model for students

Influence Mastery

Change can be influenced by Rapport. Power of Pygmalion effect will help teachers create a positive mindset in lives of those young students.

Topics covered in this module include

Strategies to understand the students model of the world
Instant rapport building strategies
Power of Pygmalion Effect and using it effectively to transform a child
Awareness that There are no resistant students and only inflexible teachers
Handling useless behaviors of students
Ways to enhance participation among students
Creating a sub conscious rapport and binding with the students using body language

Unleash Your Students Potential

Student can perform well is they are motivated and if they are made to understand the importance of studying. There are no attention deficit students, only teaching methodologies which cannot grab the attention of the child. Learning the strategies and function of the brain, teachers can make students perform their best.

Topics covered in this module include
Accelerated Learning Methodologies
Understanding every student has the capability to excel
Principles of Super Power Memory and Smart
Memory Techniques
Power of Human brain and its capabilities
Varied learning strategies of students and to be adaptable and flexible
The 11 step study process for students
Strategies to increase concentration and focus
Making learning fun and exciting for students instead of boredom

I am a Miracle Maker

Teaching is a noble profession and Teachers can make or break a genius. Teachers can make a huge difference in lives of student. Every individual can still remember their first teacher and always have a teacher who is unforgettable.
Teacher is an Angel and can light a childs life. Every day as a teacher steps into the class they must remember I am going to make a difference today in lives of children. Teaching is just not a profession for monetary benefits but ultimate satisfaction

Topics covered in this module
To Reignite their Passion and Drive
To create Miracles to drive and emotionally feel I can make a meaningful difference in the life of every student
Feel thankful and proud for being a teacher

This program is organized in Schools and Colleges. This would transform the quality of teaching and hence improve the performance of the students and the school. This program spans for 2 days with exercises, activities and case studies to understand behaviors of the students in the fastest possible way.